My Plastic Free Week

Day 2

I went in to today feeling more prepared. I had my tupperware full of cous cous ready in the fridge for lunch as well as a bag of cashews and, most importantly, I have found a lidl’s own version kinder mini chocolate bars that are wrapped in paper and sold in a cardboard box – the plastic free lunch of champions. However, I was instantly frustrated by breakfast. I went to have some cereal which of course will always be associated with a cardboard cereal box, forgetting that in that box is a plastic bag – I am already starting to notice how completely unnecessary double packaging is.

Lunch was accompanied by a can of diet coke and luckily there are recycling points all over university so I have found a way to negate the single use plastic coke bottle dilemma this week seemed to pose.

On the way back from university I stopped in at Lidl to pick up some groceries and I was shocked at how little I could actually buy.

My shopping list consisted of:

1. Apple juice

2. Strawberries

3. Bananas

4. Pasta

5. Cheese

6. Eggs

7. Cous cous

8. Tortilla wraps

My actual purchases (that I could find plastic free) were:


The cashews were an impulse buy – I had finished some nuts in the library today and had put the empty bag back in my rucksack and found to my delight Lidl had a self-service nut section (yes I am aware how painfully middle class that just sounded..) so I stocked up.

I am a student. Pasta is my go to meal. It’s a tale as old as time! So the first thing I did was google where I could do plastic free shopping and I have discovered a grain shop that sells all your cereals and pasta and grains loose so I will be hunting this shop out later in the week (this is the link to their facebook if you want to take a gander

I have also found a chain of delis that sell cheese in blocks as opposed to pre-bagged so I will have to get my halloumi fill from there this summer – I refuse to let my environmental crusade stop me enjoying a barbecue.

Day 2 – plastic thrown away 0.

Cheese bought – 0.

We’ll call this day a mixed bag.

(A mixed bag for life of course)

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