My Plastic Free Week

Day 3

Today was relatively uneventful in the plastic department, full of disappointments more than anything else! I went to the Cinema to see Isle of Dogs (great film btw, unbelievable, lighthearted animation combined with some dark satire which makes for a compelling juxtaposition) and every single snack was unavailable to me. My friend bought a drink which of course came with a straw, popcorn in a plastic bag and crisps, in a plastic bag. All to be thrown away.

Every snack I tried to buy was in plastic, so I ended up just seething at other people’s crunching. I nearly bought nachos just out of principle but £5 for some Doritos and salsa? Even I am not that proud!

isle of dogs.jpg


Day 4

Another uneventful day. Stayed at home all day but still managed to throw away 1 plastic wrapper when I finished a lettuce.

It seems one doesn’t even have to leave the house without using disposable plastics.

Tomorrow I have work which is concerning – it is plastic straw central! But, on top of that, we don’t recycle anything other than glass and cardboard. We use napkins and cling film without a care in the world and don’t even get me started on the milk wastage. If by any chance a fellow bartender is out there reading this and they have any ideas on how to encourage big businesses to recycle hollah at me.


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