My Plastic Free Week

Day 6

Today posited a new challenge and it came in the form of toiletries. I ran out of conditioner and shower gel simultaneously and replacing them, plastic free, was a struggle to say the least. You can buy bars of soap of course but they often come in a plastic wrapper! I found one in a cardboard box so luckily I won’t smell too bad even if I do spend half my time chasing it around the shower because I can’t get a good grip on the slippery little buggar.
Conditioner was a different story. In the whole of boots, I could not find a single one that didn’t come in a plastic bottle so I caved ( I have very porous hair which one delightful hairdresser once compared to hay so unfortunately vanity beat environmental conscience on this one). I thought it would all be okay as I was so sure that as long as I recycled it, the plastic would be reborn as something more useful than a conditioner bottle. However, I came home to a surprising and disheartening sight. Without thinking, when clearing up the empty bottles from the shower, my flatmate had thrown my empty conditioner straight in to the bin in the toilet which just goes straight down the rubbish shoot – not the recycling bin.

It set me off on to a spiralling crisis, during which I questioned every single bin I have ever used and how few of them actually get separated – my waste paper bin being example 1, general rubbish bins on the street being example 2. I shan’t bore you with the ins and outs of my spiral but basically – think about what you throw away where!! Recycling bins are not restricted to kitchens and I bet most of your toiletries come in plastic bottles.
This prompted me to think about how many of my other toiletries contain single use plastic and it painted a very sorry picture: cotton buds, deodorants, even face wipes are non-biodegradable!
I saw on facebook* that the UK is set to ban all single use plastic by 2025 but until then – clean your ears with tissue and recycle your conditioner bottles

*Yes I know facebook journalism isnt the most reliable source but here is a link to the independent article –


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